Probiz – Business Interruption

Please note: The following is only a guide to assist you in determining your risk profile and assessing your insurance needs and should be seen as such. Your proposal form, policy document and schedule should be seen as your contract with Indequity Specialised Insurance Ltd, in conjunction with all other correspondence that may be sent to you from time to time. These are the legal documents forming the basis of our contract with you and should be consulted in all instances.

Business interruption means the financial loss you suffer following interruption of your business as a result of a loss that gives rise to a valid claim for which payment has been made, or liability admitted, under one of the other sections in your policy such as buildings or contents, but only in respect of one of the insured perils.

The following specified losses can be insured under this section:

  • The fixed expenses which are payable following the interruption of your business;
  • The loss of operating profit as a result of a reduction in your turnover after business has been interrupted;
  • The loss of gross rental;
  • Additional working expenses which you incur following the interruption of your business;
  • Fines and penalties incurred for breach of contract.

The losses you wish to insure are covered only if noted on your schedule.

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